I have no interest in playing a character on the phone and frankly I don't think I'd be very good at it. I can be cruel, I can be kind, but one thing i could never be is submissive. Make no mistake about it, because you will be the one on your knees before me and not the other way around.

I can hear your confession and I can even be the shoulder you cry on, but I will always be in control and I will never be anything than what I am --a dominant female.

Am I mean? Am I cruel? No, I'm usually not. However, when I am pushed by an ignorant person, I can be quite cruel. I can get in touch with that side for my submissive little callers, too. I can also be the sweet girl next door that most people see me as who is kind to animals and protective of children.

My body is a thing of pride for me, so I work out regularly. I know enough about MMA, boxing, BJJ, and wrestling to crush a little man, but I can also be a very feminine and beautiful princess. Spoil me and you'll get to see this side of me too.

XO Claudia