Last Week’s Story: Good Morning Luv

I love watching you sleep. You look so peaceful there—maybe too peaceful for your own good. You’re such a sound sleeper. That’s why I was able to do your makeup without waking you. That’s why I was able to paint your nails and slide one of my baby dolls onto you. Even after all of that I was amazed at your peaceful slumber even as I took the pictures.

Unfortunately, when I put the tape gag over your mouth that finally woke you. I smiled seductively and ran my index finger up your chest feeling the soft lace of the baby doll. Cobwebs lifted from your mind and you began to realize why you couldn’t move your limbs. You were helpless and you knew that I had done it to you, but you couldn’t complain or protest. You couldn’t even compliment me on my handiwork. You tested your bonds and grunted in frustration. I had you just where I wanted. My index finger continued to play with you tracing the silky black thigh high on your right leg. You just whimpered.

“Did you sleep well, Luv?” I hope so. I think you’re going to be staying in bed for awhile. I did warn you last night what would happen if you weren’t nice to my best friend. I think I’m going to take some money from your wallet and let you treat us for lunch. I don’t want you to be bored though. I put your wireless earbuds in your ears and use a pair of pantyhose to secure them in place. Then I go to your phone. Remember when I downloaded I’m a Barbie Girl on your phone as a joke? I put it on repeat. I know—I’m evil.

Your eyes are really pleading with me right now. I just smile back at you and grab the lipstick. It occurs to me that when I put the duct tape over your mouth I covered up your lips, so I go ahead and paint your lips over the silver tape. I watch the expression on your face as the music starts and I just laugh. That’s going to be really annoying after a few hours.

I stop the phone for a second and tell you, “I’m going out now, but don’t worry because my roommate and her sister should be back in three or four hours and I won’t be much later than that. Have fun, pet. You can try getting loose, but we both know I know how to tie a knot.”

Just to be sure, I double check your bindings. I don’t want you getting loose and spoiling my fun. For fun I strap a pair of very sexy black high-heeled strappy sandals on your feet. You’re not going to be walking anywhere tied the way you are and they’re a size or two small for you, but they just add to the humiliated picture. I really hope my roommate finds you before I get back home.

I start the music again and I laugh to myself. You should have been nicer to my friend. I take $40 from your wallet and kiss you on the cheek. Have fun my little Barbie Girl!

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