Two Times the Fun RT Game with Maz and Magoo

TwitterbirdLast week, I had an amazingly good financial domination retweet game on Twitter with my pets @magoo_tt and @Marion_Rainbow. I think we may have made RT game history because we actually split it where Magoo was responsible for paying for favorites and Marion did the retweets. I set the price for every time somebody favorited the post at $5 and $1 for every time it was retweeted. In the end we got 17 favorites and 14 retweets, which made me a nice little chunk of pocket change.

The cool thing was that I had never had two subs play at the same time before. I know I got more money out of Magoo because Marion taunted him with comments like “just a shame Magoo isn’t doing $8” and “experienced boys shouldn’t get away with double digits.” The original game was set to go 10 minutes, but they decided to extend it to 15 minutes. Then under Marion’s verbal barbs, Magoo finally said, “raise it to $8”

It was a lot of fun and I know of know other Retweet game played with two subs that way, but I hope it’s not the last time. Watching the two of them have fun playing together made it a lot more fun for me. Ideas like this are the reason why they’re two amazing pets for me.

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