Amazing Amazing Amazing!


I have some very talented friends and they were discussing my NiteFlirt job which has become a topic of a lot of chat lately. One of my friends asked me if I ever thought of just recording my audio books since guys seemed to like my voice and I explained that I found reading a script to be too much like bad moments in Miss Ryan’s fifth grade science class.

“I’ll do it,” said my friend Marami. I looked at her shocked. My books do fine. I sell maybe 300 a month. Marami has done erotic audios for a New York Times Best-Selling author. This was an incredible gift she was giving me. We agreed to try one of my stories and see how it went. I warned her in advance that there might not be that much to split, but she agreed that we’d do a 50/50 cut on the profits and give it a shot.

Mean Girls and Mermaids
is a great story that I was proud to write. It’s not very sexual, but it’s full of forced feminization, bondage, and humiliation during a senior class picture day. The girls so thorough emasculate and dominate their victim that it could only be called diabolical. However, until I heard it read by Marami I had no idea that it could be so awesome. It was like the difference between seeing a black and white pencil sketch of a person and meeting them face to face. If you like my stories, be sure to give this one a try.

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