Another Bit of My Memoirs

NF ClaudiaCuckoldThe reason that I like blogging is that it gives me a chance to reveal a bit of myself to you. It’s not something I generally like doing on the phone. On calls, I want to hear about you. However, in the blog we talk about what I find sexy or hot. On the blog we can discuss my interests and kinks instead of yours.

If you do want to get to know me, the best way to do it is through my writing. A lot of you bought my first book Claudia and I had a lot of you tell me how much you liked it. That story took place during my freshman year. Claudia’s College Cuckold takes place during my sophomore year.

This is the story of a great guy I dated named Charles who couldn’t satisfy me in the bedroom and how I salvaged our relationship in a mutually agreeable way (eventually anyway). With the help of my friend Jess, I feminized and cuckolded him and turned him into an awesome French maid. I hope you’ll check it out. I’m very proud of my writing.

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