The Miss Engineering Pageant

You know how I love sissies! One of my favorite things every year is the Miss Engineering Pageant at the University of The Philippines held during Engineering Week.

Engineering Week is the most anticipated season of any engineering student in the University of the Philippines. Perhaps the biggest college celebration of any college in any university, “Eng’g Week” caters to thirty participating student organizations and thousands of spectators inside and outside the university. Engineering Week includes games ranging from the easiest minigames to the craziest , out-of-this-world games. This week-long celebration is culminated by the biggest, most exciting and most anticipated event: Miss Engineering 2016.

Miss Engineering is a the annual beauty pageant for the men of various social clubs on the campus. The women of these The women of these clubs are the ones in charge of feminizing the contestants and they go all out. The month-long event features two parts: the Pre-pageant activities and the Pageant/Coronation Night. The pre-pageant activities include photo and video shoots in studios and other locations in-line with the theme; rigorous practice sessions; publicity tour in other college activities; outreach activities and spa/beauty day for the candidates, among other things.

From its humble beginnings, Miss Engineering has evolved to be a well-known event of the university. With an almost 3000 in attendance during the pageant night and tens of thousands viewing its online pages and participating in online voting, Miss Engineering surely is the biggest event of its kind.

I’ll post pictures of some of the sexier competitors, but it’s nothing that a Google search won’t turn up. Here’s some inspiration for you sissies.

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