A Special Treat to Come

For DuchessNo, I don’t mean my picture. If you have ever wondered who the Kylie Gable that I write books with is, his actual name is Kyle and his last name isn’t Gable. He is a guy who had a remarkable four years of college being feminized by four women after my own heart.

The first stories that he ever wrote before we began collaborating were 10 books detailing his college feminization. This girls were amazing. Some of the things they did to him, even I wouldn’t have tried. Anyway, as you might know, I can be very persuasive. I have gotten Kylie to agree to serialize his 10 books about being feminized on my blog. He’s a very gifted writer and if you’re into forced feminization, I don’t know how you can’t find it fun. There’s also bondage, physical domination, humiliation, and a whole lot of other fun stuff. I can’t wait.

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