Sugar, Spice, and Barbed Wire

In real life, I am me. I can take pain without flinching and cry when I see a homeless puppy. I am equal parts sugar and spice and barbed wire. I can be a very comforting friend who can lift you up on a bad day and will always have your back, but I can also be cruel if you push me far enough or I see you mistreat somebody I care about.

I like who I am and there are a lot of great people who like me too. I’m at ease in most social settings and I don’t take criticism personally. I do not have a hair trigger temper.

The problem comes on the phone. I know that my callers are spending their hard earned cash to talk to me and I’ve learned that no two guys want the same thing when they call.

A caller may call me up to tell me he’s such a loser. His wife is sleeping around on him and he called me because it was the only way he could get a woman to talk to him. He might really be feeling low at that moment and want to reassure him that he’s not a big loser or he may get off on humiliation and want me to further belittle him.

The catch is that those are both parts of my personality. I can be supportive or cruel, but the challenge is figuring out what is called for. If you want a good phone session, you can certainly help by communicating with me. I am equal parts sugar and spice and barbed wire.

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