Feminization: It’s All Good


My co-writer was feminized against his will in college. At some point, he began liking it, but before then it was frightening and humiliating and he truly felt trapped by blackmail. I love hearing his stories of what the girls who feminized him did and what they made him do. They took him very down the road. If you’re curious and you check Nightflirt’s transgender area, I believe Kylie has at least some of his college stories for sale and the first one is like $1 (Kylie Gable is his name).

That’s a crazy experience that he had and not many can top it. I’ve talked to a lot of people. I’ve actually taken 196 calls on my feminization line and countless others on other lines. Some of you have pretty amazing stories of wives, girlfriends, babysitters, and whoever else might have feminized you. Often, like the guys that I feminized in my youth, you didn’t have much choice.

You still don’t have much choice, but that’s because the pull of obeying a dominant woman emasculates you completely is so strong. I would like to be that dominant woman for you. Today, I heard from a sissy who was excited to obey me, but scared and not knowing if he should continue taking tentative steps into femininity or jumping in with both feet.

The honest answer is, it depends. I can be the gentle voice on the phone that soothes you and encourages you or I can be the demanding voice that forces you. Only you can decide what you need. It’s all good though. You will be where I want you and it will be amazing.

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  1. Ms. Claudia: Ya know, sso much is said about little-dicked guy who are feminized but in some ways they have it easier. I am larger than average and contemplate that having a larger clitty-to-be might be tougher in the long run like with tucking the member in to the tight quarters of bikini or even boyleg panties all the time and, if the dom does cbt, there is more clitty to affix clothespins to. Say, a little clitty-sissy might get like 15 clothespins on while an above average one might have to endure like 35 clothespins?? What do you think, should I, because I have a non-small member maybe not be a candidate for being your chastity-sissy slave??

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