There Must be 50 Ways to Gag your Lover

A friend of mine is currently hogtied on the floor. He looks great there. We aren’t lovers and in fact we don’t usually play together. He knows about my kinks though and he’s intrigued to say the least, so he asked me if I could tie him up. I think he wanted to see if he could get free like some kind of Houdini. Part of the problem with being a writer is that I need a certain amount of solitude or time with my writing partner to get new eBooks finished. Binding and gagging him was his idea, but it let me do two solid hours of writing. He hasn’t been tied up before, so I think I’m going to let him go right after this blog post.

I tied him up with bondage rope. It’s soft and it won’t cut off his circulation. However, gagging him required a pair of socks and an ace athletic wrap. He was already helpless when I put the gag in and he was already helpless, but all he could do was let out a helpless little mew when I finished. It was so cute.

I’ve been reflecting on gagging because I had a reader who had bought five of my books on Niteflirt ask me if I had any stories where the guy was gagged with a scarf or bandanna and I realized that I’ve gagged many guys with both of those and written maybe 25 stories where the guy has been gagged, I have never used those. I’ve used a toilet paper roll, an epoxy in a woman’s lipstick, a candy cane, and a dish rage, but I don’t think I’ve ever used a bandanna or scarf. It made me think of the old song, there must be 50 ways to leave your lover.

“The problem is all of your pleading”
She said to me
“The answer is easy if you
Take it logically
You’re so cute there in your struggle
To get free
There must be fifty ways
To gag your lover”

he said, “I really want to get myself untied”
Don’t leave me here hogtied on my side
Why did I accept that ride?
You said you’d let me go,
But obviously you lied.
There must be fifty ways
To gag your lover
Fifty ways to leave gag lover”

Just use a bandanna, Anna.
Grab your panties, Sandy.
He can’t get himself free.
Gag him with your shoe, Sue.
And use your stockings too.
Use a lock and key, Lee.
He ain’t getting free.

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