The Catwoman Costume


Halloween was fun this year, but it could have been better. I’m dealing with a bit of a sad situation so my sexy witch costume, didn’t get as much use as I would have liked. Both of my Halloween goodies have a different picture of me in my Halloween costume if you’re curious. Since I didn’t have a juicy Halloween story to tell you about Halloween 2015, I thought I’d tell you about my friend Holly and the Catwoman costume.

When Anne Hathaway was cast as Catwoman in the third Batman movie, I was so excited. I love her. That Halloween, I got myself a copy of her costume, which I thought was the sexiest thing ever. My friend Holly thought that I was nuts because even though it was tight, the mask concealed your face and it showed no skin. She told me we could put a guy in it and he’d be sexy and it just so happened that at the time, I did have a guy that I was starting to get into playing with crossdressing.

With a dare like that, it had to be done. Using every trick in my arsenal I convinced my boy toy to come to our Halloween party and not let on who he was. Sure enough, Holly was right. With us covering for him and him speaking as little as possible, we got to the point that guys were asking us about our friend. We couldn’t let this pass by. Holly and I cornered him and told him that he had to make out with a guy that night or we would strip him down to his lingerie and make him go home wearing only that. He knew we could do it too and after pounding a couple of drinks for courage, Catwoman was soon making out with Mario on our couch.

Now, Holly and I by our natures are competitive, so for the last couple of years we’ve had a competition to see just how far we could get a guy to go at our party. Last year, I had a male friend decked out as an awesome Nicki Minaj and what he did, he’ll never live down. Now, that is what Halloween is supposed to be about.

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