Thank You for Reading This

YZ1093_026Thank you for reading this blog.  I was overjoyed with the response to the email I sent out Monday and I hope you’re enjoying my posts.  It’s hard to be sexy in a vacuum.  I hope that some of you will be courageous and post.  I want to know what’s interesting to you and what I should talk about.  It is great to be back home, though I’ll be turning around and heading back to Orlando again very soon.

2 Comments on “Thank You for Reading This

  1. Mistress Claudia: Thank you for doing this blog. I have bottled up ideas for a long time but I am now discovering issues and ideas that constantly crop up. Here are some topics or ideas in no particular order. First, guidance in and control of feminization–I’ve ordered some panties and skirts etc. but need a firm, sometimes harsh yet kind hand to get to wearing panties at least every evening when home–willing to be photographed for you blog as a new Blog Sissy or Blog Whore for you—why not just have a Blog Sissy or/and Blog Whore section in your blog?
    Second, Feminization guidance not just in clothing but in posture and masturbation—teach sitting properly, and especially help transform one from being a cock stroking male INTO being a clitty rubbing or pillow humping sissy, effectively ‘the end of ejaculation’ for the new sissy and the beginning of ‘making panty messes’ for you and your friends’ entertainment and just as a part of exchanging power to YOU.
    Third, some sort of ‘ejaculation reduction’ training for non-sissies. Getting you stable of losers to cum less but get more out it now that it’s ALWAYS FOR YOU…like ‘less is more’ you can tell your followers.
    Sissy Cali

    1. Thanks for the ideas. Yes, I definitely will be putting up a Blog Sissy section if there’s interest. I think you definitely need to call me and discuss your training.

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