Two New Tests

Claudia with lipstick

I created two new tests that I think my readers will enjoy.  One attempts to answer how big a sissy you are and the other one asks how big a loser you are?  I wanted to be blunt in my language, but I also wanted to explain myself a bit.  I believe that whether you’re a sissy or you’re just a submissive, the key to enjoying life is to embrace who you are.  Think of somebody living your dream life.  Maybe they’re passing effortlessly as a beautiful woman desired by everybody who crosses their path or maybe they’re living at the foot of a beautiful woman content in servitude to their goddess–in both cases, society will put them down.  If you want to be that sissy or that submissive, embrace it.  It’s the first step to being who you want to be.

1 Comment on “Two New Tests

  1. Mistress Claudia: I think that I would be comfortable in the latter of the two scenarios that you present above–at the foot of a Superior Woman content in servitude. Serving many of Her nonsexual needs. I could be chastity servant who would gladly and dearly massage your feet and calves daily, cook occasionally and clean and would eventually, with time, move up to full chastity and full body massages for you and to helping you bathe (all in chastity) doing it all not for me and not to earn ‘some jerking time’ out of chastity’, but for you and the ‘doing for YOU’ would become the reason for the massages, cleaning and cooking and bathing help. Ejaculation would become secondary, and in the background perhaps you would just ‘stim the prostate’ for prostate health and end ejaculation altogether in the end—-I dream on searching for such a destination.

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