Fighting a Cold

P63412612080920_5I hate being sick.  It’s even worse when I’m trying to take phone calls and be sexy when I have the sniffles and a man voice and I feel anything, but desirable.   I really want a little slave boy or sissy here to spoil me, fluff my pillows, and take care of me.  If was a sissy I’d dress him in a sexy little nurse’s outfit.  If it was a slave boy, I’d prefer to see him in only a thong.  I’m very flexible that way.

I was so thrilled to receive an unexpected tribute from Wild Chyld “for chicken noodle soup and cold medicine.” I was delighted to take him up on the offer and wanted him to know that his thoughtfulness really made my day.   I always appreciate tributes, but this was especially nice because of the thought behind it.  Have you done your part to make your mistress feel desired today?

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