Beating up a Boy – I’m a Bit Twisted

CQZng10W8AIlua2I talked one of my male friends into wrestling with me last night.  It’s harder for me to do that than you’d think.  It was his first time going against me and he was cautious.  Unfortunately, he also foolishly believed that playing some baseball in high school was the same thing as being in fighting shape at age 30.  He did a pretty decent job going against me for five or ten minutes despite a half dozen of our friends there and all cheering for me.  I could hear him breathing heavy before I was even building up a sweat and I knew that I had him.

It’s funny when guys realize they’re not in as good a shape as they think they are.  With my friend wheezing for breath, I began to pick on him, putting him in embarrassing holds and wrapping my thighs around his waist to squeeze the breath from him, while I twisted his arms to make sure he wasn’t going to be able to pull out.  It was so much fun making him submit in front of our friends.  He was a good sport and congratulated me before confessing, “I really need to get back to working out regularly.”

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