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TwitterAVI don’t know what this blog will be like, but I know what I like in blogs and I know what I don’t like. I hate blogs that some girls have that try to constantly sell you stuff. The blogs I follow from my fellow flirts have interesting and sexy content that makes me want to come back and read more. If I have an eBook or other item for you to buy, I’ll mention it, but I’m much more likely to post about things I’ve done and thing I wish that I’d done dominating the male of the species. I want this to be fun for readers not work. Of course, a tribute or purchase every now and then would be awesome!

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  1. I enjoy what I have seen so far of your blog–I agree that a blog like this should be a crossroads of ideas and that, once interesting ideas are set forth…more traffic will accrue to your site and you web products. I hope to learn the art of being controlled from you and understand that this is a give and take ‘relationship’ not just a one-way flow of ideas even though it should be a form of one-way exchange of power (to YOU) Mistress. I hope you will entertain a mix of cum control, chastity, and cbt and teach sissification to some of your soon-to-grow stable of subbies.
    In submission,
    Cali (soon to be renamed by you?)

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