The Secret Dungeons

My co-writer Kylie Gable is also a flirt as well as a sissy and a friend of mine.  While college was the 5922134241_eb7ac8f765place that I learned I was a dominant by playing with the boys at my school, Kylie learned he was submissive the exact same way.  I’m always fascinated by the ways in which I did things similarly to the girls dominating Kyle and the ways I did things differently.

Kylie’s apartment was shared with one other sissy and they had a walk in closet that the girls used as a jail cell.  Frequently the sissy spending the evening in the closet was clad only in an impossibly tight corset and knee length high-heeled boots with six-inch spiked heels.  Kylie said, “It was impossible to find a comfortable position.”

Their closet had a cot, a light bulb, a huge pile of old women’s magazines, and a full length mirror.  The torture was to come from what a pathetic little creature you were in that situation.  I had a smaller cell in my college apartment.  It had a mattress and a bucket in it.   I got a boyfriend to paint the inside black because I was very into sensory deprivation.  I would place a towel to cover the crack at the bottom of the door and it would plunge a prisoner into total darkness.

I probably only put a half dozen guys into the cell, but it definitely made me feel empowered, especially the fear in their eyes that would greet me when I would open the door and they would have no idea what time it was.

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